Holiday Card Exchange


Do you want a to get a bunch of holiday cards from people you may or may not know?

Do you like sending and receiving positivity?

Do you have too much holiday spirit to be contained by your own, personal card list?

If so, sign up for Inkfaery’s Holiday Card Exchange. All you need to do is email ( or message me (via ask or fanmail) a name, address, and email address. I will add it to the data base, and in the first or second week of December, everyone that joins in will get a copy of the list. Then you make/buy your cards and send them out (no later than the 20th if possible).

This may go nowhere, but why not try to bring some extra happy into your mailbox?

Submitted by mizzmisery.

Submitted by mizzmisery.

Two new ones posted. Nearly a dozen queued. Half are personal ones, half are submitted. Keep the hate coming! Remember, this is for the serious as well as the ridiculous.

Starting this blog has helped me start getting over my most recent breakup, as well as ditching baggage from previous breakups, and I’ve gotten lovely messages from followers. We’re hating to heal people!

<3 you all.

Submitted by itwasreallyyou.

Submitted by itwasreallyyou.

Heads up:

Expect a bit of a lag, just for about a week. First time running a tumblr that is open to submissions, I just need to catch up on the dozen or so in my in box.

You can continue to submit, via ask, fanmail, or the submission form. You are all awesome. What started as a way to help me get over my heartbreak has turned into more than I expected. As always, I’m down to chat if you need a friend to commiserate with, or just a disconnected stranger to vent to.

And to the anons asking me for an email address to submit to so it’s anon: Just submit it. I promise, I won’t post your name if you tell me not to!

All of you, thank you for the follows, the submissions, and the patience.